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On a seperate project from the PEAR work I’ve been doing of late, I’ve just rewritten an earlier project to use the Prado framework. I spent some time a while back looking at various frameworks, and in the end came down to a choice between Symfony and Prado. Because of the way this current project works, I thought Prado’s event-driven model was an easier fit than Symfony’s MVC model. Mind you, for other projects (including the one I was using PEAR for), I think Symfony would be ideal (and I didn’t use it earlier only because of time pressure).

Happily, the front-end of the project I was refactoring into Prado had no work done on it at all (the previous version was effectively a proof-of-concept with all the work in the back end).… Read the rest

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Okay, so to all those who wrote this lovely little library, thank you!
Refactoring old code to use this wound up saving me quite a few days of programming time and let me export Excel files instead of the usual cheat (although if it gives a more portable format, is it really a cheat?) of exporting CSV files.… Read the rest

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Doing some work refactoring old hand-written code using PEAR libraries at the moment. Just have to say, structures_datagrid and HTML_Table_Matrix are very, very useful tools sometimes…… Read the rest

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