Feb 21

Whoopsie (minor bandsaw injury)…

So there I am, making a quick cut on the bandsaw trying to do this:

And unlike what Steve did, moving his left hand out of the way of the blade really really early, I had mine still steadying the workpiece near the end of the cut while my right hand safely behind the blade pulled the work across.

And then the bandsaw blade jumped (turns out, not the best blade in the world) and popped out of the cut while making a loud bang noise, and I must have flinched, and my left index finger went into the blade for a split second. Owie.

TL;DR – no permanent damage, no nerve or ligament issues, four stitches and some restocking of the first aid kit needed. And a few lessons learned.

Some people are squeamish, so if you don’t want to see the photos of the cut and the stitching, don’t read any further!

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