1. Last picture: 3D printed plane?

  2. i somehow missed your post since end September.
    Nice desk for the son.

  3. Author

    Thank you!

  4. Author

    No, they were the cheapest handplanes on aliexpress.com. $4.32 and $3.97 each, with free shipping. I mean, I don’t expect much from either, but at that price you’ve got to be curious about how bad they are 😀

  5. Mark,

    Email your address and I’ll send you a small woodie like the one Ralph has. You might find it very useful


  6. Author

    Dude, that’s a lovely offer and thank you, but I’ve already got a nice coffin smoother here that I need to get rehabbed, a few hollows and rounds, a reeding plane and a new-to-me moving fillister, I’ve got more wooden planes than I have storage space 😀

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