1. I like the carving on the lid. It is a nice effect on what would be an otherwise plain jean flat lid.

  2. The marking gauge is a Bridge City Tool copy.

  3. Author

    Huh, the MG-4. Which they don’t make any more and which was selling for four times the price of the knock-off. Neat.

  4. Author

    Yeah, I thought it needed a little something Ralph, even if only on the edges to take the endgrain look down a little. Only took a few minutes as well. I have the base done now, it’s just a plain ash board with some bevels at the edges. Need to nail that on and do the hinges and then I can just lather on the BLO and call it done…

  5. Looking good, Mark! Nice carving on the lid. Not much overhang, so I’m assuming hinges. Looking forward to more!

  6. Author

    Thanks Ron, and yes, slightly less overhang than I had originally intended. Something went awry by a half-inch or so during the process. Oh well, next time will be better…

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