1. Well done Mark, sanity and fairness have prevailed (tho’ I doubt the threats/ violence will stop just yet)
    On another note, your bench grinder guide- who made it & where did you get it?

  2. Hi Mark,
    question – what is the metal ‘handle’ on the sharpening stone holder for? Is it a handle or used as burnisher, or both? One more question – where did you get the adjustable holder for the grinder?

  3. Author

    It’s literally a drawer pull Ralph, I keep it under the bench and so it gets lugged about and I wanted a handle to tote it by. It’s more a pain in the fundament than anything else, and I keep meaning to remove it but never get round to it because it does obstruct the strop a bit, but I have a second strop I keep on the benchtop (just a lump of 2×4 wrapped in leather and fastened with nails which is handy because it’s so uncomplicated).

    And the adjustable grinder is a knockoff of the veritas holder that I got off ebay, like this : https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Bench-Grinder-Replacement-Sharpening-Tool-Rest-Jig-for-6-and-8-Grinders-and-Sa/152982905145 (if you search for “bench grinder replacement tool rest jig” you’ll get a dozen or so of them…

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