1. 2nd time commenting. I forgot that I can’t do it from work anymore.
    Pics are worth a thousand words each and thanx for posting them. Your plow is what I think and expected mine to be like. I now feel that my rods were not original. I bought a new 044 this morning with one cutter. I checked all the pics of it very carefully before I pulled the trigger.

  2. Author

    It wouldn’t be surprising Ralph, there are a fair few frankenstein planes out there. Someone might have stuck rods from a stanley or one of the other record plow planes into yours and sold it off. Wouldn’t be the worst example either – even a quick look on ebay shows examples from record planes with stanley parts and vice versa to that one chap who had dropped his record 778 and snapped off the front of it and was selling the back half minus the fence as a “chisel plane” 😀

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