New Server…

A few years back (January 2010), I got the colocated dedicated server that this website’s been running on since from Hetzner. They weren’t quite as polished back then, but they’ve always been a lot more solid than most of the other companies I had any personal knowledge of (from the bad old days when I paid the bills with LAMP stack work). But the server has been getting a bit slower and the software hasn’t been getting any more polished so for the new year, I upgraded.

We’ve moved from a DS3000 server, which was a dual core AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 with 2Gb of DDR2 RAM and a pair of 400Gb SATA II hard drives; to an EX41S which is a quad-core Intel i7-6700 with 64 Gb of DDR4 RAM and a pair of 2Tb SATA III drives. And it’s costing slightly less per month to run (still around €50/month all told thanks to VAT and such). It’s a wee bit of a step up 😀

And granted, this blog’s not enormously faster, but some of the others (like now load in under three seconds. Compared to 15-20. Which is nice. But it’s meant an OS upgrade and we’ve jumped mysql, apache and varnish versions, and moved up to PHP7 from PHP5 so some changes had to get made (like to the templates and removing some old plugins), so if you see any weird stuff, bear with me…

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