1. Mark,
    Have you paid for any of Richard Maguire’s video projects and, if so, have you found them any good? Have to say, I do like his no BS approach and was thinking maybe it’d be interesting to try his latest hall table build (I just happen to be about two thirds of the way through a console table build myself at present)

  2. I like bridle joints but still haven’t made one by hand that looks good. And these can look real ugly done if done badly by hand. I’ll have to watch Richard’s making of the guides and see if I can get as good looking joint as you have.

  3. Author

    Yes, I’ve bought all of them and found them well worth the money. I’ve also pre-ordered his new one (the Hall Table series). His approach really is excellent and the videos are very easy to watch.

  4. Author

    They’re remarkably straightforward with his guides Ralph, and those are fairly simple to make – there’s not much that’s critical on them and if I’d made them from poplar like a sensible person instead of using some spare oak, I’d have had them made in 30-40 minutes from scratch. I do wonder if I should test them in oak before using them. Should be okay though.

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