1. Just my opinion but those splits aren’t good looking and what is to stop them from continuing to grow? I wouldn’t trust them to handle any stress in any direction.

  2. Author

    They are definitely not good-looking Ralph, but those photos are of the same spots before and after the spokeshave; there’s no trace to eye or finger of the breaks. The stresses might still be there, but isn’t that always the case?
    Still. I might use the bad upright for now as a prop while I steambend another; then when the other is done, cut off the bent part from the bad upright and use it as one of the two back legs. That way I could get the frame done faster. I just don’t like losing that week, when the delivery date is so close.

    On the other hand, I’m still making the panels anyway, and there’s the drawer stock to prep too, so maybe it wouldn’t so much be a week lost as a week spent multitasking 😀

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