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There was some experimentation this weekend, some of which didn’t work and the rest of which were… learning opportunities. I got the last slat planed to thickness, but lost one along the way because I couldn’t get it to thickness, there was a split in it from poor resawing that was diving down below the minimum line and it wasn’t recoverable. So next week I’ll take another 30″ off the ash board I have, plane it flat, hack it into 2″ wide laths, and resaw them down and wow does this ever teach you why we invented bandsaws.

Meanwhile, I had two experiments to run. One was to try to avoid drowning in the growing mound of shavings I’m generating…


Honestly, it’s getting silly now. I’ve lost two clamps to it.… Read the rest

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Four more slats planed to thickness and squared off today. Counting that first experimental slat, that’s fifteen in total so far. One will need to be revisited though, it’s too wide by quite a margin. Measuring all of them, they’re all between 10.5 and 11.5 mm thick, bar one (and there’s always one) that’s just hair under that; and they’re averaging 42mm wide, with a few a hair under and a few a hair over, bar one which is 40mm wide and another which is 45mm wide. That one is getting a few more swipes with the plane to narrow it up to 42mm, and once that’s done, I’ll have a standard deviation of 0.87, which for hand tool work from a newbie is acceptable. These are all going to need finish planing, which won’t affect the thickness too much.… Read the rest

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A change is as good as a rest…

You can only thickness so many slats before you need to take a break 🙂
First off, I finally made a choice between the Nikon D70 and the Canon 450D I was comparing. It kindof came down to these photos. Taken from the same spot (though the Nikon had a different lens so it’s got different framing), the Nikon just had worse noise constantly. Look at the back of the camera over on the left or at the black lens on the camera on the bench (you’ll have to click on the image and zoom in):


Then compare that with the Canon:


The framing’s different because of the different lenses, yes, but that noise is pure sensor, nothing to do with the lens. And yeah, it’s a low-light environment, but I don’t see me adding four thousand lux to the shed anytime soon.… Read the rest

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