1. I found when I did my slats that I wanted them done coming out of the planing jigs. Finish planing them out of the jig could leave you with slats too thin or tapered, or other surprises. I had minor differences too but I had planned on fitting each one to it’s mating mortise.
    BTW, I had to look up what ‘sod it’ meant but don’t quite understand it’s use with the MDF.

  2. Author

    The thickness is something I’m watching Ralph, but I’m cutting tenons in at the ends rather than using the ends as-is, just to try to avoid messing up the mortices where they can be seen (I don’t have a morticer, it’s a clamped-on guide and a three-eighths mortice chisel and taking my time). That’ll give me a millimeter or so of fudge factor just in case.

    And “sod it” in this context just means “oh well”.

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