Aug 16

Vampire bench

Got home with about a half-hour of daylight this evening, and got out the rubber mallet to knock the leg frames together and dry-fit them into the benchtop again to see how badly misaligned the frames were in daylight (I checked them late last night and they wouldn’t even line up, the long stretchers if flush to one leg frame were hanging out in mid-air several inches away from the other leg frame…)

I may have built a vampire bench, because they’re perfectly fine in daylight but they were several inches out last night (maybe the short stretchers are playing a role here…)

So yeah, cut the tenons, chop the mortices, knock it all together to dry-fit and then drawbore and glue and away we go. Continue reading →

Aug 16



Days of this. But it’s okay, the bench and the nice ash, poplar and walnut I got for a project is all under waterproof tarps.
You can see where this is going, can’t you? Continue reading →

Aug 16

Splitsville, man…

So I started this morning by finishing off the mortice for the plane stop. This did not go well. First of all, despite my dead fancy wooden carvers mallet, the old footprint half-inch chisel split right down the handle…

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