Mar 15

Goodbye IBM, Hello Workday

HALO JumpAfter the guts of five years in IBM, I’m leaving at the end of the week to
go herd computers in a DevOps team for Workday.

Five years, six teams, seven projects, a dozen or so releases, a few
patents, made the Irish Olympic shooting team, got married, had  a son,
moved house – it’s a lot of memories for one job 😀

Next up: learn a new programming language, six new technologies, not have to drive round the M50 twice a day, actually be within walking distance of good coffee, two barbecue joints, all the technical meetup locations and even DURC…

Mar 15

GNU Terry Pratchett

Feck, why not? I’ve seen much worse reasons for technical decisions in the past and dammit, if he didn’t earn it, the bar’s set too high.

Terry Pratchett receiving an honorary doctorate in TCD, 2008 (courtesy Wikipedia) GNU Terry Pratchett

IETF Draft Proposal:
Recommended explicit padding bytes used in Internet related protocols

GNU Terry Pratchett

And from this server’s headers…