Jan 14

Erlang Token Ring Simulator, updated

ErlangThere’s a directory on my machine called ~/Archives. It’s not exactly… organised. ๐Ÿ™‚ It contains bits and pieces from the last 20 or more years – and along with the usual documents, notes and datasheets on the 74 series TTL chipset (computer engineer and computer scientist had rather different flavours in TCD back then), there’s a fair amount of code. Some of that code I can remember, other bits I look at now and think “I wrote that? Eeek…” — but there’s a small amount of code that I look at and think “Hey, I wasn’t all bad back then”. Over the new year’s holiday, I was digging around in there and came across some bits and pieces from the latter category that I thought I’d put up here for kicks, seeing as how I’d put up stuff from the PhD work and other bits and bobs already. I’ll start with this one, it’s a token ring network simulator written in Erlang somewhere in the first half of my final year in college (so late 1996 to early 1997). Continue reading →