1. I was going to blog about it you did before me 😀 One of the nicest thing with N900 is you can establish USB, Bluetooth, Wireless networks between your computer (using PC-Connectivity package). I have figured out establishing Bluetooth and Wireless on my Fedora 12. I will yet to learn USB network procedure. From then on ssh, scp, sftp and especially vnc’ing makes accessing the device super convenient. If you can setup VNC you don’t need any scracthbox environment to develop test your code since no compilation necessary to run Python code. (Lastly, your links are broken)

  2. Author

    Thanks Gökhan, I think all the links are fixed now.

  3. I’m new to Python and pretty excited to learn more as I go along. But I can’t help wondering “what’s the point?”. So you got Python onto this device, what you going to do with it? Are there features that you can add via Python that the phone doesn’t already have, or can you speed the phone up or something? Or is it purely a case of getting Python on the phone?

  4. Author

    I was hoping to tweak Witter (the twitter client) a bit; but many of the apps on the N900 are written in Python. gPodder – the best podcast client on the N900 – is written in python, for example. But the main point of the post was to walk through getting set up on the N900 with a python dev environment so that the next person to try has more material to work with.

  5. Great post! I wish it was easy to use python for development on other phones too.

  6. As a python addict, I bought this phone just to pythonize at street 😀 (Ho my god, i’m a geek ?!)
    Very good post.

    Althought, I saw that some hildon widgets do not seem to work with the scracthbox (e.g. PickerButton).
    I’ll think to the Gökhan’s alternative …

  7. I actually use VNC-Server on my N900 openSSH. I develop on my Linux via SSH and test my application with VNC ( i have to say that it lag but i’m ok with that ).
    Nice tutorial.

  8. Awesome post Mark. I am quite keen to follow your route so a very big thank you for taking the time to write a step by step guide.

  9. feck it, this n900 is a mighty piece of machine. looks like way better than PyS60 with its cumbersome UI

  10. It is maybe an inconvenient truth that you could get pyS60 running on a Symbian device in a similar amount of time…

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