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“Igor? Igor! IGOR!

“Yeth mather?”

“Bring forth the beef. Bring forth the unsmoked bacon. Bring forth the onions, the spices, the fresh chillies and the holy smoked new mexico reds. Bring froth the salt and the cumin seed, the paprika and the uncouth star anise. Make ready the Grand Pot, heat the Great Iron Skillet, and put the beer in the fridge, for Tonight! TONIGHT, IGOR!”

“Yeth mather?”



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New domains!

Over the next two months or so I plan to move this blog over to a dedicated server, not because is bad, but because just offers a lot in terms of themes and widgets and things to play with (and because I want the server anyway for various programming projects, and it may pull duty hosting On Target and Wallpaper and herself’s book site as well).

Step one in this process was to install on a local LAMP stack on my laptop and that’s done and I’m playing about with it and maybe I’ll write something up on that later, I’m planning on writing about the entire process of switching from to anyway.

Step two was registering domain names. It’s step two because wordpress will allow you to map a domain name to an existing blog, and that eases the handover slightly. So far I’ve only mapped the one domain, but the others will all become active over the coming weeks. So in a few weeks, you can read this blog at all of the following:

Step three : Profit!

Underpants Gnomes
Underpants Gnomes

Actually, step three is to source the server, but the underpants gnomes are funnier…


as a Neal Asher fan.

Well, not the worst thing in the world (though it wasn’t Don Corleone’s pizza shop, that goombah wouldn’t know good pizza if you threw it at his sister), he writes good stuff. By the way, if you’ve not read his stuff yet, don’t start with Hilldiggers like I did since it’s the tail end of the chronology of most of his work, start with Prador Moon and work onwards:

  • Prador Moon
  • The Shadow of the Scorpion
  • Gridlinked
  • The Line of Polity
  • Brass Man
  • Polity Agent
  • Line War
  • The Skinner
  • The Voyage of the Sable Keech
  • Orbus
  • Hilldiggers

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