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Legal troubles on the horizon for Cloud Computing in the EU?

lawsuit One of the blogs I most enjoy reading these days is McGarr Solicitors. They seldom fail to produce posts which are clever, in the best sense of that much-abused word. Whether it’s pointing out that NAMA is illegal under EU legislation or pointing out that what you read in a Dail transcript is not what was actually said in the Dail on the day, they always manage to quietly, without much fuss, drop a mental hand grenade on the conference table.

Today’s post is no exception. Cloud computing has become one of the central buzzwords in the IT industry, or at least the web-based portion of it. However, until now, I only know of one case (which I cannot disclose details of) where the ambigous physical location of the data storage device being used by the cloud was an issue; and I’ve not yet come across a case where the physical location of the processors in use was an issue.… Read the rest

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Maximum Password Length in Coova-Chilli

Bad Day So for the last few days I’ve been banging my head up against the same problem in the lab. We currently use Chillispot to run our access points for the Metakall user trials, which is grand, but it’s also fairly out of date – it hasn’t been actively developed on since 1997 – and it has some serious security issues. So with the new academic year looming, we’re moving over to its successor, Coova-Chilli.

Coova has a few neat features we like, and it’s also being actively maintained, which is important. So I took our testbed server, installed FreeRADIUS and MySQL and Apache and all the custom stuff we’ve written and generally got things set up, and then went to install the latest version of coova-chilli (1.0.14). There was an hour of swearing at iptables as usual (I really am coming to hate that program), and then I thought that’d be that.… Read the rest

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Current working pattern…

See, this is why development servers should be real workhorses. When sh bootstrap; ./configure ; make ; sudo make install ; sudo rm -rf /usr/local/etc/chilli ; sudo cp -r ~/chilli /usr/local/etc ; sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/chilli restart takes twenty minutes, that’s twenty minutes of paid developer time where the developer can’t do any real work!

Oh well. At least this is debugging infrastructural stuff so I can blog about it later…

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