Well that didn’t go too badly. General course overview and a probably over-long “what is an embedded system” lecture. No-one overtly fell asleep at any rate. And everyone enjoyed the videos of the explosions.

So what the heck, enjoy – Ariane 5 Flight 501. An example of what can happen with unsafe datatype casting 😀

Next talks are on the hardware used in embedded systems, starting with the microprocessors and microcontrollers.… Read the rest

Okay, I’ll grant you, it doesn’t look that impressive. That’s just the basic ‘Blinky’ first-step demo for the Keil MPC2400 board. Basic light chaser using the pot to set the speed of the blinking.

However, it’s a bit more fun when I note that the Keil environment was run from within Virtualbox on my Debian laptop and it still used the USB JTAG connection to connect to the board and it all worked without a hitch on the first try.… Read the rest

YesNo Last time I checked, on October 2 I get to vote for either “Yes” or “No”.

I’m pretty sure the options will not include “Cori”,  “Libertas”, “Ganley”, “Cowen”, “Kenny”, “McKenna” or anything on those lines.

So it’d be really nice if every flipping story written on the upcoming referendum would focus on the choices available, instead of trying to convince me one way or another on the character of the lobbyists.… Read the rest

euro-money First up: get out your wallet, I want your money!

The Story is a new Irish political blog, one which has set itself up in the Woodward and Bernstein mold, and which has so far trumped the press here on pointing out the true depth of the financial mismanagement in FAS. While the newspapers and RTE concentrated on the €600,000 spent on an advert that was never aired and on the €600,000 or so that was simply unaccounted for, The Story dug into the records and pointed out that in fact tens of millions had been misspent due to mismanagement on a level corresponding to gross incompetence.… Read the rest

lawsuit One of the blogs I most enjoy reading these days is McGarr Solicitors. They seldom fail to produce posts which are clever, in the best sense of that much-abused word. Whether it’s pointing out that NAMA is illegal under EU legislation or pointing out that what you read in a Dail transcript is not what was actually said in the Dail on the day, they always manage to quietly, without much fuss, drop a mental hand grenade on the conference table.… Read the rest

Bad Day So for the last few days I’ve been banging my head up against the same problem in the lab. We currently use Chillispot to run our access points for the Metakall user trials, which is grand, but it’s also fairly out of date – it hasn’t been actively developed on since 1997 – and it has some serious security issues. So with the new academic year looming, we’re moving over to its successor, Coova-Chilli.Read the rest

See, this is why development servers should be real workhorses. When sh bootstrap; ./configure ; make ; sudo make install ; sudo rm -rf /usr/local/etc/chilli ; sudo cp -r ~/chilli /usr/local/etc ; sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/chilli restart takes twenty minutes, that’s twenty minutes of paid developer time where the developer can’t do any real work!… Read the rest

So I turned 33 the other day and for a birthday gift, my parents bought me one of these:

A DeLonghi Lattissima 660 Nespresso coffee machine.
For those who are not coffee purists, these are usually catalogued under “Evil” or “Wrong” 😀
….but when you’re bleary-eyed in the morning….kindof convienent….

In fact, they’re pretty much designed for use by the bleary-eyed early in the morning.… Read the rest