Finally got round to sending off an Amazon order that’s been building up since last year…

Have to admit, I’m rather looking forward to the delivery van. Stross’s body of work so far has been very enjoyable (and anyone who’s written perl for a living can’t be all bad); Regenesis is the sequel to Cyteen that’s been ten years in the writing; I’ve been promising myself I’d get Tufte’s books for two years now – I’d borrowed a copy, skimmed one in the bookshop and even read a bootleg copy of one, and they’re just wonderful books even if read as coffee-table books rather than working textbooks; Alton Brown never fails to deliver and I’m Just Here for the Food is already a classic; and the books on Tesla should make interesting reading (imagine Albert Einstein and Howard Hughes combined, then written out of history for decades, only showing up as a character in video games and fictional novels. The man alone would be interesting enough, but the story of how he was written out of history is even more interesting). About the only gamble there is the Altered Carbon trilogy, but Morgan is highly recommended so what the heck. Delivery is estimated for Sept.11-22 though, so I’m hoping their estimates are very conservative!

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