New toy…

After a week spent testing one of our development models, I took the plunge and bought one for myself. No regrets so far!

Nokia e71

Nokia e71


  1. Thomas Comerford

    Very nice! I can highly recommend getting one of these to keep it looking like new:

  2. What’s it like using that keyboard?

  3. The keyboard’s not bad, but it’s definitely not touchtyping. I can’t do the young folk’s thing with the two thumbs though 😀 I tend to hold it in one hand and type with the other. It’s not too bad that way.

    BTW, it also makes for a great HSDPA modem for your laptop (via the USB cable) when your WiFi is down (like it is now!)

  4. Looks good Thomas, I’ll have to order one of those. Thanks for the pointer!

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