1. J is happy too – he has recently purchased a gadget – something like a blackberry only cheaper. It does everything for him bar make coffee 🙂

  2. Well if it made coffee, what could you do to compete? 😀 😀 😀

  3. why, make better coffee, of course!

  4. Looks nice Mark, you can’t go wrong with a Thinkpad. Not tempted to for an ultra portable? I’m very happy with my Samsung q45 with 12.1 inch screen, so light and portable (made many trips to London with it at this stage):


    It has become my main Internet machine now.

  5. Was tempted allright John, used an X61 on the finland trip last year and it was sweet on the train – but the pricetag was just a bit steep, the display was just a bit too small, and the processor just a bit too slow. Besides, the laptop gets dragged to/from TCD once or twice a week and to greystones or to a rifle range, so 6lb is manageable for that, especially in th crumpler bag (seriously good laptop bag, that thing).

    The one thing I am regretting is not getting the nvidia graphics card instead of the intel X3100 chip – for everything I do for work or for watching DVDs or whatever, the X3100 is fine, but it’s not supported by more modern games so if I boot to windows and try to play CoD4, well, the laptop’s more than fast enough and there’s more than enough RAM (4Gb installed right now even though only 3 is accessible in 32bit mode – I’m going to install 64bit at some point for ubuntu) but the graphics card just won’t play ball.


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