Okay, no. I gave it a try for a good week. And by the end of the week, I don’t have any way to change basic stuff like fonts or colours, completion is still a mystery, line numbers are buggy, and I’ve not yet seen one single function that made me say “y’know, it’s a pain, but it’s worth it”. I wound up getting not one extra page added to the RCMS project during the entire week because of emacs configuration hell.… Read the rest

Hmmm. I started programming on an old ICL OPD (anyone else remember microdrives?). There was some fooling about afterwards with an IBM PS/2 system (woo-hoo, 40Mb of hard disk space!), but the first time I hit what I thought of as a real machine was on a unix account in the first week of college. And that’s when I first hit the biggest question any starting computer engineer hits (or used to hit, back then): Vi or Emacs.… Read the rest

If war stories of things like shaking wire-wrapped boards to make the assembler code work right; combined with a degree of pragmatism towards programming that you only get after discovering for the umpteenth time that the problem wasn’t your code but a bad EPROM burn (or after discovering that your colleague with the wonderful new ideas on Agile programming has actually never seen a command line in his life) sounds like a stonking good read to you, you need to read DadHacker.… Read the rest