Jan 08

Sun buys MySQL

So Sun has splurged some $800 million in cash and taken up $200 million in options to purchase MySQL AB. It’s somewhat of an odd move really. I mean, Sun’s got a decent reputation for open source stuff (not always linux-friendly, but “open source” does not mean “linux” after all). Java is now GPL’d, openSolaris as well, there’s code finding its way from Sun to Linux at a kernel level, and there are other examples. But MySQL?

About the only thing that comes to mind right now is that we might see a push from Sun in the coming years away from the standard LAMP stack and towards OTMS/STMJ stacks (Opensolaris/Tomcat/MySQL/Servlet or Solaris/Tomcat/MySQL/JSP or some suitable combination) so we’d have a Sun-friendly stack looking for a piece of LAMP’s market share.

It hardly seems logical. PHP versus Servlet/JSP isn’t a sensible comparison. If you look at development time, PHP is so far ahead of JSP/Servlets that it’s not even a competition any more; and likewise if you look at runtimes, PHP is so far behind that it’s just not fair. There’s just no room for a particular stack to get itself chosen over the other if it’s not suitable. But then, that’s what a huge marketing department is for, right?

Jan 08

It's nice to be talked about…

Silicon Republic mentioned us today

Jan 08

Funny ha-ha-hangonwaitabloodyminute…

Some things have a real Dilbert type of humour to them. Every engineer and programmer out there knows exactly what I mean, but for the non-engineer, non-programmer types, allow me to summarise what the Dilbert type of humour is by describing it as the kind of humour you laugh at right up the point where you realise the author is describing what happened to you at work last Tuesday; after which, the humour palls somewhat.

At any rate, this post by Benji Smith falls squarely into the Dilbert category. Recommended reading for the next time someone recommends a framework to you.

Although that being said, I still find Prado, Symfony and a few others to be bloody useful gadgets – it’s just that for a spice rack project, I’ll stick to PEAR libraries. At least until the spice rack is re-spec’d to be a spice rack attached to a breeder reactor that smells like daisies in summer and acts as a supercomputer for SETI every solstice and equinox…