Lousy, feckless, lazy, waste-of-skin, gombeen script-writer…

Quick bit of regular system maintenance on the debian work laptop. We are required to use Lotus Notes, so stop jeering and start sympathising, you soulless bastards. The actual ibm-lotus-notes package updated just fine, no errors (don’t get me wrong, it didn’t work at all and fails to even start, but the *installer* was fine). So I go to install ibm-lotus-notes-fixpack because, you know, FIXpack…

root@mdennehy-laptop:~# dpkg –configure -a
Setting up ibm-lotus-notes-fixpack (8.5.3-20120308.0840-ocdc2) …
dpkg: error processing ibm-lotus-notes-fixpack (–configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 90
Errors were encountered while processing:

Love them useful error messages…

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