1. Thanks Mark, you’ve made me decide to venture into the snow tomorrow to get pork and a slow cooker!

  2. Beautiful. Going to give that a go at the weekend, methinks.

  3. You can smoke a shoulder cut on a weber grill, takes along time but its worth it. You buy wood chips online ask your butcher for the right cut. I walked through the process with mine and showed him pictures of a boston butt. He knew what I was looking for and was a great help. If you have a grill do not cook the cut over direct heat, also you can get some great tips online for great tasting rubs, see Pit boys on youtube and here is a handy video if you ever feel like smoking pulled pork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4omNfZ_6WYs. PS If your ever in dublin there are lots of places that offer many classics like pulled pork and brisket. Check out Pitt Bros, just wing it or bisons. Sorry about the bad spelling.

  4. Author

    There are loads of places that offer pulled pork and other BBQ now… there wasn’t when I wrote this four years ago 😀
    (This recipe goes up on boards.ie’s cooking club and 40,000 readers later pulled pork is the latest fashion. Hmmmmmmmm… 😀 )

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