1. […] post could end there, but let’s put some flesh on the bones. Mark wanted to know if the N900 would suffice when he goes away, and did a ‘real life test’ where he put it through its paces in a […]

  2. I’m just in love with this phone/laptop :). The main thing is that is highly configurable. This is not a device for ordinary people (iPhone people :). And that’s the reason I bought it at a half of price from a person that now has an iPhone. I’m working to get a fully functional php-mysql-web server. Installed, and I’m very close. I have a FTP client that’s working great. I agree, it is not a device for coding, but it can be for something like coding on the go, or maybe some small editing of the code for a site or something.
    Thank you very much and if someone did managed to get a fully functional php-mysql-lighttpd server i would be glad to take a peak.

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